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24/7 Self-Service Laundry

Come do your laundry any time…DAY OR NIGHT!!

Super-Fast EXPRESS Washers & Dryers

Save TIME & MONEY!! With our NEWEST and FASTEST machines, you can wash and dry your laundry faster than ever to get back to the things most important in your life.

HUGE LOAD Express Machines

Have a small load to wash? Use our 20 lb (2x load) EXPRESS machine. Have a big load to wash? Head to our 60 lb (6x load) EXPRESS machine. Have a MONSTER load? Try one of our 90 lb (9x load) EXPRESS machines and get all your washing done at once!!

On-Site Vending Machines

Hungry? We’ve got snacks. Thirsty? We’ve got cold drinks. Forgot something for your laundry? We’ve got detergent, fabric softener, laundry bags, etc. Check out our vending machines for whatever your need!

Flexible Payment Options

Are you tired of dealing with quarters? Do you have a smartphone or mobile device? If the answer to both of these questions is a “yes,” we have the solution for you! In addition to accepting quarters, our machines use DexterPay, an app that allows customers to pay for their laundry and track cycle progress via their smartphone or mobile device.